Sourcer vs Recruiter

The Ultimate Debate: Sourcing Vs. Recruiting

March 14, 2017 Posted By Allison Williams Sourcing isn’t always recruiting but recruiting should always involve sourcing. Have you ever thought to yourself, “What’s the difference between a Sourcer and a Recruiter?” You’re not the only one. This question is tossed around a lot by people not working within the industry, and their confusion can cause some […]

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Contract vs. Traditional Blog

3 Reasons to Take That Contract Role

February 28, 2017 Posted By Jamie Vasileff One of the first questions interested candidates ask me during conversations about job openings is, “Is this role a contract?” In my six years of IT recruiting, the answer to this question has been the biggest indicator if that person will be interested in learning more about a […]

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SmartIT Agile Stand Up

The Best Way to Adopt a DAD – Disciplined Agile Delivery

February 22, 2017 Posted by John Harrison When should you adopt DAD? Not that Dad, Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD). There has been a great deal of attention around software development over the past 15+ years.  New frameworks and methodologies have been developed, tools developed to support them, and languages evolving to take advantage of the […]

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3 tips successful recruiter

3 Habits a Successful Recruiter Lives By

February 6, 2017 Posted by Madison Dwenger Recruiter: A person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees or as members of an organization. Pick up the phone, make a few calls and place a candidate right? Wrong. While recruiting can be done anywhere in the world and for any type of industry, […]

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Business Transformation Blog Header

A SmartIT Blog Series: Business and Digital Transformation – A Staffing and Consulting Company’s Transformation Journey

January 25, 2017 Posted by Steven Farley Part I:  Preparing for the Transformation Journey  SmartIT is a staffing and consulting firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana, with offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.  Since being established in 2005 as an IT staffing firm, we have had continuous growth and are currently undertaking a business transformation initiative […]

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MSP Blog

How to Evaluate Success in a MSP Contingent Labor Program

December 19, 2016 Posted by Melissa Harding As a former Managed Service Provider (MSP) program director, I have worked with hundreds of staffing suppliers. Relationships between staffing providers and end clients are evolving as the demand for a flexible workforce continues to increase. More companies are looking to outsource and hire consultants to ramp up […]

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SmartIT & CrossFit

CrossFit and Accounting – What do they have in common?

December 13, 2016 Posted by Bree Katulak Accounting and CrossFit are not two topics that you would typically think of together.  However, outside of my family, those are my two passions.  Believe it or not, I see a relation between the two. Many people think accounting requires the same tasks day in and day out […]

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Employee Spotlight December

Employee Spotlight: Sissy Engle

Sissy Engle is our December SmartIT Employee Spotlight. Sissy works out of the Indianapolis office as the Contracts and Compliance Manager and is in charge of overseeing all agreements for the company.  She loves her role here at SmartIT because she believes she learns something new every day. When Sissy first started at SmartIT, she […]

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