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Consulting 101: Rationalization and Portfolio Strategy

September 5th, 2017 Posted by Jon Sturm Rationalization Consulting firms typically charge top dollar to tell you what you already know. Have you heard some of this advice before? Legacy platforms must give way to modern systems. Emerging and unstable business systems increase risk and opportunity cost exposure. Business critical systems need to continually adapt […]

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Four Services that Make a Staffing Company Valuable to Your Business

June 27, 2017 Posted by Sissy Engle Staffing companies exist to provide a variety of services to their clients. These services allow clients to meet the needs of their individual consumers without having to also focus on new hire compliance. Staffing companies can fulfill your current needs and possibly help in other areas of their […]

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A SmartIT Blog Series: Business and Digital Transformation – A Staffing and Consulting Company’s Transformation Journey

June 20, 2017 Posted by Steve Farley Part 2:  Planning the Trip It is time for the next installment of SmartIT’s Business and Digital Transformation series.  In the last blog, Part I:  Preparing for the Transformation Journey, I introduced you to SmartIT’s current business and digital transformation initiative and my goals for writing this series. […]

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Game Plan - SmartIT

A Staffing Provider and Customer’s Ultimate Game Plan

May 10, 2017 Posted by Bill Ryle According to the American Staffing Association, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census, and Staffing Industry Analysts, there are an estimated 17,000 U.S. staffing firms and 12.9 million temporary and contract employees hired by them over the course of a year. Organizations working to deliver new business initiatives […]

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Ten Guiding Principles to Being the Mentor Your Organization Needs

April 3, 2017 Posted by Greg Finch Leaders and mentors take various forms in our lives—parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, and maybe bosses. Leaders practice their authority because it brings their causes, companies, or themselves greater value. Mentors, on the other hand, seek to transfer his or her wisdom to encourage the success of others. Leaders […]

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Breakdown Change and Become Open to Opportunity

March 30, 2017 Posted by Melissa Roth As the Indianapolis tech industry grows, large companies throughout the city are adapting to stay up-to-date and on the competitive edge. After experiencing this push for change first hand at SmartIT, I was excited to read Mike Langellier’s article on the growing technology industry in Indianapolis, and how […]

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