Four Services that Make a Staffing Company Valuable to Your Business

June 27, 2017 Posted by Sissy Engle

Staffing companies exist to provide a variety of services to their clients. These services allow clients to meet the needs of their individual consumers without having to also focus on new hire compliance. Staffing companies can fulfill your current needs and possibly help in other areas of their expertise. The next time there is an opening for a position within your company, consider engaging a staffing company. These are the four key services that make staffing companies valuable:

  1. Quality Employees: We Can Handle That

Finding the perfect employee for your latest job opening can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  You are faced with hundreds of resumes for open positions and are expected to review them while continuing to do your normal tasks. Your day-to-day job revolves around responding to customer questions, completing paperwork, and preparing for meetings. With the recent open position on your team, you must also factor in time to review the dozens of emails that come in daily with resumes attached.  Your Managers are efficient at communicating with people and building relationships. Taking time out of their work day to sift through resumes with dull objectives is not a good use of their valuable time.

This is exactly where a staffing company can come into play.  Staffing companies have teams of recruiters whose best skills are finding the right person to do a specific job.  They thrive in managing inboxes that receive a vast number of resumes daily.

Need a skilled .NET Developer with experience in the latest technical language?  Engage with a staffing company. They have a person in their database and are simply waiting for the opportunity to introduce you to him or her. You say you need to fill 10 Service Desk Technicians for a six-month assignment? They have a team of recruiters who specialize in finding people with that skill set and have a pipeline of candidates ready for an interview.

Instead of spending a few weeks sourcing candidates, try engaging a staffing company to take care of that for you. Your Managers will have more time to accomplish their everyday responsibilities and goals, like bringing in new business. Even better, you now have a relationship with a staffing company who is ready to fill your additional employee openings.

  1. Benefits: We Cover That

The days where you only had to offer health insurance to your employees are gone.  Now, employers must consider benefits with a broader focus. First, your company must ensure the benefits you offer your employees satisfy governmental requirements. Not only is this a concern with the Federal Affordable Care Act, but states have also established regulations around coverage that employers need to follow.  Once you have met all governmental requirements around health insurance, you need to ensure you meet your employee’s needs as well. It is no longer enough to offer a basic healthcare plan. Employees have increased expectations for the services provided in their health insurance. Highly suggested services include:  life insurance, dental & vision coverage, and retirement.

Staffing companies are the employer of record for the resources they place for assignment. This means the staffing company (not you) bears the burden of meeting the governmental requirements surrounding health insurance. Providing essential coverage is the responsibility of the staffing company (not yours). If it is determined that the coverage offered does not meet the governmental requirements, then the staffing company (not you) will be responsible.

If the individual placed on an assignment has a question about their insurance coverage, whether a benefit is offered, why a claim was denied, or how they can make changes to their plan, they can reach out to the benefits team at the staffing company. You don’t have to worry about any of this.  This advantage gives you the opportunity to focus on catering to your customer’s needs.

  1. Compliance Assistance: We Understand That

No one wants to be faced with an audit or other notice of noncompliance. Staffing companies are equipped to deal with this. They can deliver exactly what your company wants. When provided with the proper terms of engagement, a staffing company can provide you with a resource for a position who meets the knowledge, skills, and abilities required, passed all background check requirements, and is authorized to work in the United States. They stand behind the resources they provide to you.  Should you ever question the resource’s ability to perform the job, you can reach out to the Account Manager to examine the testing performed prior to placement.  Should a government official show up to investigate a resource on the assignment, you only need to contact the staffing company’s Compliance Department to aid with the governmental audit or investigation.

  1. Cost Saving Measures: We Know These are Important

The staffing company bears the cost of paying its employees, who are on assignment with your company. The payroll cost of the resource falls on the staffing company from a process perspective, but they also contribute toward the cost of certain statutory fees. While using a resource from a staffing company on an assignment your company does not need to complete forms like FICA.  Most importantly, by the time you realize the resource from the staffing company is the right fit for the assignment, perhaps six months have passed. If that is the case, chances are there was a clause included in your agreement with the staffing company to convert the resource to your direct employee. Best part about that?  You already know the individual is a fit and you can avoid the excessive costs involved in finding a replacement.

While these key services can make a staffing company valuable to your organization, a lot of them don’t follow these guidelines to this extent. What does that mean for an organization utilizing a staffing company who isn’t offering all the services outlined above? It means you are taking on work you don’t have to.

When searching for the perfect organization to assist your staffing and consulting needs, look for processes that include all the above. SmartIT works to provide each of these services to every client to make their job easier, and in turn, builds better results faster. We add the personal touch most organizations are missing, and our detailed processes ensure we are taking the time to do things right by our clients from the start.

Learn more about our staffing solutions at and get started with a company who does it the right way today!

About the Author: 

Sissy Engle is SmartIT’s Contracts & Compliance Manager. She has over 10 years’ experience in the HR and Compliance field. Sissy focuses on finding smart solutions to both client and internal business questions. She does this by focusing on organizational priorities and needs as they relate to client concerns.