Breakdown Change and Become Open to Opportunity

March 30, 2017 Posted by Melissa Roth

As the Indianapolis tech industry grows, large companies throughout the city are adapting to stay up-to-date and on the competitive edge. After experiencing this push for change first hand at SmartIT, I was excited to read Mike Langellier’s article on the growing technology industry in Indianapolis, and how other companies are adapting to the growth as well.

SmartIT is one of the many IT players in the Indianapolis area.  We are not just a staffing company or just a consulting company. We are the integrated solution for companies. In fact, we want to be the leader in integrated staffing and consulting solutions. So, to be a player in the game, we must adapt to change, be innovative, and accept failure as a driving force. This is one of the reasons I love my job. No two days are alike and even on a month-to-month basis, my focus changes.


Change can be scary but by taking chances, you can bring new opportunities and open new doors that you didn’t know existed within your company. This involves stepping outside of your comfort zone which can be daunting, but rewarding in the end. I’ve taken many chances throughout my career at SmartIT and that’s what I love about my job and SmartIT as a company. The opportunities I have been given have opened so many doors for me and have allowed me to envision a future where I can create my own path.

The IT industry takes chances every day in rolling out new products, discovering a need before there is a need, and taking the chance that this will be the next big thing. As Langellier mentions, large companies like Eli Lilly and Company adapted to the need for change in the growing technology industry by employing hundreds of tech-skilled workers. Like Eli Lilly, other large companies must begin to adapt to these changes which may also mean employing dozens of tech workers or even updating management. Adapting to other practices can be beneficial and while it may not be a fit for everyone, it is important to take that chance every day. No one has all the answers, but by utilizing experiences and staying up to date with the industry, strategic adaptation will help pave your next steps.

How Things are Done Today

It is easy to get stuck in familiar ways because it works for now and it is “the way we’ve always done it.” However, don’t let that mindset hinder or prevent you from trying something new. Sometimes it is necessary to step back and ask “why?” If you can’t answer this, then you should probably reevaluate your overall goals.  If you are new to an organization, take the opportunity to comprehensively learn the current process and don’t be afraid to offer new suggestions or ways of thinking. Offering new insight is helpful because those who have become accustomed to the routine may not have had the opportunity to sit back and look at a process with a critical eye. Langellier mentions that to make strategic changes, “We need to think bigger about Indiana’s future tech-enabled economy, dissolve traditional industry silos, and band together as players in a larger, broader tech ecosystem.” Here at SmartIT, we have employed resources, both permanently and temporary, to aid in our change.

A Blessing in Disguise

Remember how on your first day of school, leaving your parents was truly a whole new world? The next day always got easier and then over time, it became second nature to you. As the tech industry changes, encouraging your own company to play along will be a whole new world in the beginning. However, the end results will not only be rewarding for your employees but for your company’s overall success as well. Langellier alludes to the idea that nothing is perfect–you may try something for a week that sounds great on paper but once you go live, you find that it doesn’t mesh well with the culture. Sometimes you must trial a new process or shift in management to open new doors and find new opportunities. We’ve started operating in new areas of work that, although weren’t certain in the beginning, have helped SmartIT become a well-known name in the area.

Never Know Until You Try

Be open to every opportunity that comes your way. Do not disconnect from something because you know nothing about it or have preconceived notions. Rather, use this opportunity to open the door and shed some light on something new. Ask the tough questions and consider why change will be important, especially in your company’s technology department. Taking yourself out of the picture for a minute can open your eyes to seeing where changes may be needed. Until you try, you never know if change is something your company needs to meet its overall goals.  SmartIT utilizes champions in our organization to question ideas, put a second set of eyes on a new policy, and open the door to feedback for those not in the day to day.

Gut Feeling

Everything happens for a reason, it may not make sense now, but it will all work out in the end. If you have a feeling something may not be right, say something. If you aren’t happy in your current position, start to look for something new. Trying something new isn’t always easy and that feeling might just be nerves, but intuition can be a driver. Change will drum up some emotions like fear, discomfort, and apprehension, but also excitement and hope for the future. Who knew that one day we would be able to listen to music, search the internet, and “see” a family member overseas from our mobile devices.

Employee Retention

People change, companies change, and our goals change. These modifications can take form in a job promotion, adding a new department, or realizing that we can’t get better if we keep moving in the same direction. That is why employee retention should always be a focus for management. This fosters strong employees, drives the company’s vision, and ultimately markets who they are trying to become both internally and externally, especially during a time of change.

Change is inevitable; a necessary evil. Yet, it is what drives new ideas, opportunities, and ultimately, a company’s direction. As the technology industry grows, necessary changes across companies should not be the enemy, but as a strength to better position your employees and clients for success. Termination is not always a negative – it can benefit all parties including both the person or the organization. Don’t get stuck with what is familiar because this can prevent you from taking a road you would have otherwise never traveled. Don’t be fearful of failing, use each moment as a learning experience and a driver in helping you improve.

As Langellier said, “We need to collectively attract talent, companies, capital, connections and other critical resources for growth.” As Indianapolis’s tech industry grows, other companies are trying to change to fit these new needs. SmartIT’s change has been beneficial to our overall success with our clients and we are here to provide the resources needed for your company to change as well.

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About the Author: 

Melissa Roth is the Business Integration and Project Specialist currently assisting in SmartIT’s Business and Digital transformation. She has been with SmartIT for 3 years supporting the Recruiting, HR, IT, and Engagement departments performing quality control over internal processes and procedures, assisting in project management, system administration, technology implementation and organizational communication.