The Ultimate Debate: Sourcing Vs. Recruiting

March 14, 2017 Posted By Allison Williams

Sourcing isn’t always recruiting but recruiting should always involve sourcing.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What’s the difference between a Sourcer and a Recruiter?” You’re not the only one. This question is tossed around a lot by people not working within the industry, and their confusion can cause some to think they are the same job.  Being a Recruiter for 4 and a half years now, I understand both job roles, and how each one can affect the candidate and clients overall experience in the hiring process.  While they have some similar responsibilities and end goals, a Sourcer and Recruiter are two separate job positions.

In today’s market, companies must be more strategic than ever when attempting to acquire top talent. Why? Because everyone has the same goal of recruiting the blue unicorn with yellow polka dots but unfortunately, the “post and pray” method just isn’t working these days.

With the IT climate changing faster than Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, companies must remain innovative, and always find new ways to reach top talent. Sourcers are a great way of finding candidates who have not applied directly, usually by building strong pipelines for a given skill set. They work to find hard-to-reach candidates who are usually not looking for a new role. Typical methods include Twitter, Github, Facebook, blogs, and other social media sources, as well as cool online tools that employ analytics to determine when someone may make a move based on behaviors.

Here is where SmartIT comes into play.

I know what you are thinking, “Well aren’t Recruiters doing the same thing?”. Yes–actually, most Recruiters are doing the same things. However, Recruiters at SmartIT are taking this process even further.

At SmartIT we employ 18 local Recruiters in three metro markets analyzing the market to bring top talent. Our Recruiters also work with Hiring Managers to qualify the position to define the need; this is important because having a conversation is super helpful in uncovering underlying needs.

From there, our Recruiters will tap their pipelines to see who may be a fit for a job opening. Often times, pipelines, while they are necessary, aren’t always equipped with the blue unicorn with the yellow polka dot candidates. This is when Recruiters also use social sources, applicant tracking systems, Linkedin, and other tools to source talent as well. Just like a Sourcer would.

Taking it one step further, recruiters then help schedule interviews and prep their candidates. This is helpful for a number of reasons.

  1. When candidates haven’t interviewed in years, the thought of one can be daunting so having a coach can go a long way.
  2. Our Recruiters work to form a relationship and communicate with the hiring managers first. Being able to provide the candidate with interview tips that relate to the interviewer can make the process more enjoyable and productive on both ends.
  3. Practice makes perfect! Anyone with a little more prep before an interview will feel extra confident and prepared compared to a candidate who is only told where and when an interview is.

From there, we help with the offer process: salary negotiations, counter offers, and sometimes provide relocation advice. Our Recruiters are experts on hiring details. Letting us take care of the offer process ensures the candidate is receiving a fair offer while making the process quick and easy for the client.

Lastly, comes the onboarding process. Recruiters help make sure the necessary documents are in place for a super smooth start. Once a candidate is placed, we make sure they are equipped with everything they need for their first day on the job and throughout their time at the client.

This strong relationship that is built from day one with our clients and candidates is the difference between working with a SmartIT Recruiter and a Sourcer. Looking to work with a Recruiter on finding your next job position? Click here to meet our team of Recruiters and reach out to one today!

About the Author:

Allison Williams is a Lead Recruiter with SmartIT in Indianapolis, IN. Her love for recruiting began 4 years ago and she enjoys the challenges that recruiting brings. Allison loves finding the right people, for the right opportunity at the right time.