3 Reasons to Take That Contract Role

February 28, 2017 Posted By Jamie Vasileff

One of the first questions interested candidates ask me during conversations about job openings is, “Is this role a contract?” In my six years of IT recruiting, the answer to this question has been the biggest indicator if that person will be interested in learning more about a new opportunity or not. A contract employee is someone who is hired for a specific job at a certain pay rate, but does not become a permanent employee to the staff. These jobs are frequently seen as less desirable than full-time and permanent openings. However, there are a number of reasons why that contract role could be exactly what your career needs.

  1. Minimizing gaps in employment – Life happens. Illness, workforce reductions, and unexpected company mergers are all things that can leave you on the job market searching for a new role. This is a perfect time to consider taking a contract role. Some people find themselves without employment and decide to search for their dream job instead of taking a contract that is a good fit. Doing so leaves them with large (and unattractive) gaps in employment. As a recruiter, I’ve seen several amazing candidates get passed over by hiring managers because of those breaks. My advice? Work with a recruiter to find a great contract job, and take it! Make yourself a valuable asset to the company, and if all goes well, a 3-month contract could turn into the permanent job of your dreams.
  1. Diversifying your skillset –  Working contract roles within various organizations will allow you to diversify your skillset, as well as the industries in which you have exposure. If you bore easily, or the technology you are currently working with is outdated, consider taking a contract role to broaden your skillset, and catch up with new trends in the tech industry. This can be a huge benefit for individuals just starting their career, or someone on the market after a long-term role with one employer. Take the contract role and expand your skillset.
  1. Boost in pay – According to Monster, IT contract professionals can expect about a 30% increase in income. There are a few reasons this happens. Typically, contractors work on an hour-by-hour basis. Meaning, if you work 65 hours in one week, you should be compensated for each hour. Also, in IT, if you have a niche skill, working outside of a major metropolis (New York, Silicon Valley, Seattle, etc.) allows you the ability to request higher rates for contract work compared to their full-time peers. Get a boost in pay by taking that contract role.

While a contract role may not seem ideal, in many circumstances taking that role can benefit you in many ways. If a recruiter reaches out to you and says they have a new opportunity in a contract role, consider all of your options before turning it down.

SmartIT’s recruiting team is here to help clients find top candidates for all types of roles, while making sure the role fits the candidate’s needs, values, and capabilities. Whether it be full time or contract, they understand finding the perfect job for you is important. Connect with us on LinkedIn today, and become one step closer to a smarter future for yourself or your company.

About the Author:

Jamie Vasileff is a Lead Recruiter with SmartIT.  Her goal as a recruiter is to pair the perfect candidate with their ideal job, at the right company. Jamie has 6 years of IT recruiting experience and loves helping to create lasting and successful partnerships.