3 Habits a Successful Recruiter Lives By

February 6, 2017 Posted by Madison Dwenger

Recruiter: A person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees or as members of an organization. Pick up the phone, make a few calls and place a candidate right? Wrong.

While recruiting can be done anywhere in the world and for any type of industry, not every recruiter is equipped with the correct skills to provide top talent for each of their clients.  As I continue my journey as an IT recruiter, I have observed three skills successful recruiters work towards every day:

  1. Strong work ethic
  2. Competitive attitude
  3. Drive to support your team

Strong work ethic:

Every so often, a Client Manager will send a laundry list of required skills and experiences that also need to fit in a lower pay rate. These special candidates are known as “Purple Squirrels.” The few candidates that meet all the requirements are out there but it may be tough trying to track them down. When searching for these types of candidates you will most likely max out your search strings, work to collaborate with your fellow Recruiters/Sales Team for new ideas, and utilize your patience to find a potential candidate. It’s not easy, but when you have the drive and determination to be the recruiter to find the “Purple Squirrel,” it is possible. A strong work ethic will help a recruiter power through the tough jobs they may be working to fill.

When sourcing potential candidates, there may be times when you have to adhere to their schedule. While this may mean you could be working evenings and weekends, creating flexibility in your packed schedule will show a dedicated work ethic. Although that might not be what you want to be doing on a warm Saturday afternoon, nine times out of ten, speaking to the candidate will pay off. By utilizing time after-hours, you’re showing candidates they are important to you, which could potentially lead to building career long relationships with them. You can gain a lot of knowledge just by talking with candidates and they can help you stay up-to-date with all of the new technologies. Strong relationships with candidates will lead to providing clients the strong workforce they are looking for.

Competitive attitude: Sense of urgency and a competitive edge – two key factors when evaluating a strong recruiter. This industry is competitive and not exclusive–that being said, you need to have a “go-getter” attitude and ability to pipeline or source candidates quickly. It’s very critical to source candidates within the first 48 hours of receiving a job to increase your chances of getting your candidate an interview and potentially employment. It’s never fun hearing from a client or candidate that they have already been submitted for the position you are trying to submit them for. The staffing industry is competitive so a key to successful recruiting is to find candidates before other agencies do. This competitive drive will give you the push you need to find candidates quickly and have your competition receive the duplicate submission notice instead of you.

Drive to Support your Team:

As you start defining your personal work ethic and competitive drive, you will begin to demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, recruiting teams can start to determine each other’s professional style and build off of one another. At times you may be forced to work outside your comfort level, but those experiences will benefit you in the long run. It’s very rewarding when each team member has contributed to the placement of a candidate with a new client.  You have the support of your team to rely on and you will encourage one another to succeed. At SmartIT, we not only have verbal recognition, we also have an internal app where our coworkers give each other points and acknowledgment based off of SmartIT’s values. Relationship building through appreciation sets the groundwork for a strong support system and a tunnel of top talent being provided to our clients.

Finding the “Purple Squirrels” for your client can be challenging. Behind every strong candidate is a team of recruiters with strong work ethics, competitive attitudes, and a supportive team. These 3 habits are what drive the recruiting team within SmartIT. Want to learn more about how SmartIT’s recruiters can help you build a successful team of employees? Visit https://getsmarterit.com/contact/ and connect with us today.

About the Author:

Madison Dwenger is a Technical Recruiter with SmartIT. Her goal as a recruiter is to build relationships with people which in turn can lead to placing them in jobs that are in their, as well as the client’s, best interest.